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Painless Root Canal

Free Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) is offered for all root canal patients for a painless root canal experience.

Emergency Root Canals

If you are experiencing extreme pain, or believe this to be an emergency, call 801-716-7006 to schedule an emergency root canal.

Let us Relieve Your Tooth Pain

We know just how serious and debilitating the pain can be from a tooth infection and we know the thought of a root canal can be scary to some people, but fear not! We offer Free Sedation for Root Canal treatments so your root canal will be painless.

woman experiencing pain treatable with root canal


Sign up for our Wellness Plan and receive 25-40% off dental work.


We offer Free Nitrous Oxide so you experience no discomfort.


Walk out of our office pain free!

Root Canal Specialists

We understand the fear that you might have when you hear the word “root canal”. This is due to inexperienced doctors and pop culture making inaccurate claims. Having performed thousands of successful procedures, our root canal specialists at Anytime Dental work with utmost precision and care to make your experience as painless as possible.

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